Why do I experience times when the information comes in slowly?

There are a great number of factors that affect the speed of delivery over the Internet. For example, your Internet service provider, or ISP, connects your computer to the Internet. The ISP has a network that services many people like yourself to connect them to an Internet "backbone." That "backbone" is one of the foundation pieces of the Internet and it connects you to server at our ISP. As you can see, the information has a fair amount of traveling to do before it gets to you. If your connection is a bit noisy, or your ISP has a large volume of other connections to service, or there is a good deal of traffic on the Internet in your part of the country, then you may experience delays in the delivery of the A.S.P.E.N. Self Assessment modules.

To make sure that we've done everything we can so A.S.P.E.N. Self Assessment modules are delivered to you as quickly as possible, we took the following steps:

A.S.P.E.N. Self Assessment modules reside on a top-rated Web server. It uses SCSI drives (which are very fast), lots of memory, and is connected via Ethernet to our ISP's Internet connection. The ISP we chose actually has several connections to the Internet, each one a primary Internet backbone. This means that if traffic is unusually heavy on one, or it goes down completely, there are others to help carry the load. When Web server gets a request for some information, we make sure that your request is responded to as quickly as possible.


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