How do the A.S.P.E.N. Self-Assessment Modules and Practice Test work?

Each module contains three sections: Pre-Assessment, Syllabus, and Post-Assessment. First you will assess your current knowledge by completing the Pre-Assessment, comprised of 45-55 questions. After you answer each question, you will be shown the correct answer and the rationale. You can submit the Pre-Assessment at any time or, on completion, it will be automatically submitted. Once the Pre-Assessment has been submitted, you will not be able to access it anymore.

Once the Pre-Assessment has been completed, you will have access to the Syllabus and Post-Assessment. The Syllabus allows you to view all of the questions, with the correct answer, corresponding rationale, and reference. Take some time to review the material and gain knowledge from the questions and rationales. References are also available within the syllabus material.

Following the Pre-Assessment, you can print out the Syllabus for module questions that you did not answer or answered incorrectly in the Pre-Assessment for review by selecting Tools->Print located at the top of the screen. Other tools that are available for your use are a glossary of terms and a calculator, both located under Tools.

Once you feel confident, you can continue on to the Post-Assessment. For your Post-Assessment, you will only be asked those questions you skipped or got wrong during the Pre-Assessment. You must get 60% correct or higher on the Post-Assessment to receive CE credit. If you don't get 60% correct, you can access the Post-Assessment again. When you access the Post-Assessment, you will be presented with the questions you have not yet answered correctly. You can keep going on like this until you reach 60% correct.

After successful completion of the Post-Assessment, you will be shown a result summary documenting how you did overall in the module. You can view this summary at any time by clicking on the Assessment Results link located at the top of the screen.

As a requirement to receive CE credit, after you pass the Post-Assessment, you will be presented with a module evaluation form which you must complete.

After you complete the Pre-Assessment, study and Post-Assessment, you will have access to the Flash Cards for that module. Flash Cards are a bonus tool to help you study and review the module material by asking you random questions from the module and telling you if you answered correctly or not. Additionally, you are able to take Review Assessments, which are identical to the Pre-Assessment, as often as you choose.

You will have access for your year long subscription to the program and can go in and out of the module as often as you like.

The Practice Test consists of 100 randomly generated questions from across all 9 modules, presented in a timed testing environment. The Practice Test allows you to attempt the practice test two times. Please note that you cannot receive CE credit for the Practice Test.


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